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"I highly recommend working with Jean-Francois. His advice in the beginning stages of the development of my script for a feature film helped me quickly overcome some roadblocks. His relationship capital within the industry has been of great benefit to me as well. JF helped get me to the right people to help me with creating an eye-catching and professional pitch deck for investment pitching which has allowed my project to standout well above the rest."

- Melissa M. -

"I have been in the film business for 28 years and own Los Angeles-based production company Golden
Horseshoe Entertainment. I have directed multiple award-winning short films, commercials, industrials, and music videos. My main goal, however, has always been to direct feature films.

I believe the missing piece in my journey to achieving this objective so far is Gallico Media Consulting. Since I signed with them, Jean-François Cavelier has met with me weekly to provide assessments and to assist me in formulating next steps. He has focused on two feature scripts I optioned, evaluated each project’s strengths and weaknesses, and helped me address them. He uses his 33 years of experience in financing and distribution to inform his creative notes. He has introduced me to his business connections through networking opportunities. With his guidance, my projects are making forward progress.


On a human level, this business is not for the faint of heart, and when I lose my optimism he picks me back up and urges me to focus on the goals we set out to accomplish. Gallico Media Consulting has been a positive experience for me and I’m grateful they are in my corner."

- Paul B., October 2023 -

"This is an 'open letter' of confirmation and then recommendation for my – now – good friend and colleague, Jean-François Cavelier and his media firm Gallico Media Consulting.

I met Jean-François through LinkedIn. I was searching for a helping hand – a thoughtful and experienced mind – that could and would help me – a true novice – navigate the territorial waters of film production and film development and then, ultimately, film distribution.

After interviewing a few groups, I chose to work with Jean-François and Gallico Media Consulting – and I am glad for this decision.

With and through the help and guidance of Jean-François Cavelier and his team, we now have a well-drafted screenplay. I am now moving towards presenting my feature film project to streamers and studio executives.

It is with gratitude and appreciate that I send along this note. I now consider Jean-François Cavelier and his team at Gallico Media Consulting to be friends and colleagues."

- Dr. Steve B., February 2023 -

"I wholeheartedly recommend Jean Francois Cavelier of Gallico Media Consulting. Having had the pleasure of working closely with him on several projects, and having recommended him to several other creatives in the industry. I can confidently say that his expertise and dedication are truly unmatched in the industry.

Jean Francois possesses a rare blend of creative vision and strategic insight that consistently leads to the successful execution of high-quality, engaging content. Whether it's developing a captivating screenplay, overseeing production logistics, or providing invaluable advice on selling strategies, he consistently excels in every aspect of their work. He’s also a true gem to work with from his warm personality and gregarious storytelling abilities. Not only I was once one of his clients, we are now
collaborators and I’m proud to call him a friend. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone
as passionate and lovely as Jean-Francois.


If you're looking for someone who can bring your creative vision to life,I wholeheartedly recommend Jean Francois for any movie production and/or media consulting endeavor."

- Peter L., August 2022 -

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